Welcome to Techwerks

Tech Werks offers technology from streaming video to 35MM film transfer system to digital film. Tech Werks manufactures the simplest operated video encoders on the market. Tech Werks also has built the “Smartest” online video management systems with the infrastructure to stream LIVE and on-demand your videos.


Tech Werks releases it’s NEW “SMART” on-line software. This new software works seamlessly with Tech Werks new ScreenshotEZCASTER® encoder. This New “SMART on-line management software, dynamically builds a Web page for each client and generates a RSS feed for each client. When a client uses the EZCASTER’s® new “Auto Publish” feature, the encoder sends all of the videos information to this “SMART” management software. The software publishes this new video on the client’s web page, generates a new RSS feed, sends e-mails to the client and it will even send the client’s web server an update so the client can build their own web page or even do an e-mail blast.