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Streaming Video


How do I stream live and have on demand videos?
Live streaming and on demand video has never been easier. With TechWerks EZCaster and Video Management Software System (VMSS) you can now steam live video and have on demand videos automatically posted to your website for later viewing with just the touch of a button. The EZCaster was developed not only to stream great looking video, but to simplify the streaming process so that anyone can stream easily.

What exactly is the VMSS?
The VMSS is the TechWerks Video Management Software System. Basically this is how your video will get to your website and in turn, get to your end user. TechWerks uses state of the art video servers and software to stream and host your videos. When you press the start button on the EZCaster, it will start streaming the video to our VMSS and in turn, our VMSS will push the video to your website. Your video will show up on your website, so no going to others streaming site and no pesky ads. When you touch the stop button on the EZCaster, it will ask you if you want to publish the video, if you say yes, it will upload the video to the VMSS and we will automatically update your website with the latest video uploaded. You can also log into the VMSS and update videos, delete videos, rename, and several other features as well.

Why choose TechWerks?
There are several parts to streaming video. First, you need a unit to encode the video. Second, you need a streaming service to get the video to the web, and third, you need a way to publish the video to your website. What TechWerks has done is simplified this process by providing all three parts.

Can this process be done without TechWerks?
Of course, but if you are looking for the simplest and most economical way look no further.