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Live Video Streaming Equipment

What Live Video Streaming Equipment is Necessary for Online Success?

The most basic live video streaming equipment is a camera, a broadband internet connection, an encoder—and someone who knows what he’s doing. Some live video streaming companies rent out video streaming equipment you may use during individual products. In many cases these rental companies offer the support of expensive technicians with broadcast engineering education to assist your production.

But what if you didn’t need a technician to operate your live video streaming equipment?

And what if you have regular needs for live streaming? TeckWerks live streaming equipment is so easy to use that you don’t need to hire a technician. And if you have ongoing video needs, purchasing a TechWerks video encoder system will save you money in the long run.

The Rolls Royce of Video Encoders and Live Video Streaming Equipment at Honda Prices

An encoder is a powerful computer with special inputs for a camera. The encoder’s job is to sync up raw audio and video feeds and convert them into an Internet-ready format, then upload the final product to the streaming server as fast as your broadband will allow. In simpler terms the encoder is the most vital component of your live video streaming equipment. TechWerks offers the simplest live video streaming equipment out there: the TechWerks EZCaster video encoder.

Most encoders are complicated to use and hard to understand. That’s why TechWerks designed the EZCaster to be extremely user-friendly. Its interface is an easy-to-use, straight forward touchscreen display with simple “start” “stop” “stream” and “record” buttons.

TechWerks Live Video Streaming Equipment and Service Makes Online Video Easy

Whether you’re getting the most out of your live video streaming equipment and broadcasting online video in real time or recording for later, the EZCaster comes ready to go. After you tap “START” on the touchscreen, the EZCaster will ask you if you want to stream now or record for later. Our live video streaming equipment works in tandem with TechWerks’ other online services to automatically update your website for you while you’re live and when you’re broadcast is complete.

With the EZCaster you can stream live in broadcast television Standard Definition (SD) or in crisp, clear High Definition (HD). Its 500 gigabyte hard-drive can store over 3,000 hours of footage at default settings.

What Does Live Video Streaming Equipment Cost?

TechWerks gives you upfront pricing for our streaming subscriptions so you get no surprises with your live video streaming equipment. The world is only getting more wired—online video is the way to go. With TechWerks you won’t have to pay for constrained airtime and your video isn’t restricted to a specific 30-second time frame on one channel. You don’t need a high powered antenna to broadcast either. TechWerks live video streaming equipment will save you time and money.


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